[what do you see?]

[what do you see?]

There’s a Facebook page called “Humans of New York” (HONY) where a photographer is going around the Big Apple and takes pictures of random people, asking them questions.

Today I saw a picture with a story that made me wonder… what do I see?

“We’re eye doctors.”
“What’s something about the eye that most people don’t realize?”
“The eye doesn’t see. The brain sees. The eye just transmits. So what we see isn’t only determined by what comes through the eyes. What we see is affected by our memories, our feelings, and by what we’ve seen before.”

What do you see when you see a child? Do you see your own kids in that age? Or, perhaps, you wish you had kids? Or you reminisce about being that age yourself?

What do you see when you see a rainbow? Do you see the rain or the clouds or the colors?

What do you see when you see a gun? Do you see protection or do you see assault or, maybe, hunting adventures with your dad?

What do you see?

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