[the reading shelf]

[the reading shelf]

Browsing GoodReads, I realized that I am simultaneously reading books that are as different as a cup of coffee and a bottle of wine.

Starting a few months ago, I started reading “Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You.” Figured it was something I wanted to read on the wave of finding out what quantum physics are all about. Not that I pretend to understand it all, but it is becoming slightly clearer.

Also, recently, Sam and I talked about the old soviet movie “Count of Monte Cristo” and since I was done with the other two books that I was reading, I figured I might start reading this one. I knew it was a classic and supposedly, one needs to know classical literature (which is often boring for me). However, I found out that it actually is quite interesting.

What’s on your reading list right now and what’s the one book that you would recommend for me to read?

(I read pretty much anything… Except for, probably, historical documentary books. I’m not really into history… at least right now.)

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