[continued prayers for Ukraine]

[continued prayers for Ukraine]

Unfortunately, although things are calmer in Kyiv, the situation still is far from peaceful.

The presidential and parliamentary elections took place on Sunday, May 25. It was a long time – if ever – that so many people have showed up to vote. Personally, I came in the morning before Church, expecting a line of maximum five people, instead discovering a school gym packed with voters. So I came back after Church and spent an hour in the line, waiting to cast my decision as to whom I’d like to see ruling the country. Some of my friends have spent two hours, others have spent up to four hours in line.

However, there is still war going on in the East. Russian government and mass media are coming up with lies after lies about the events in Ukraine. (They overdid themselves when they said in the evening news on TV that Maidan’s leader – Yarosh – was leading in elections… This was rather funny, because according to all the other resources it was obvious that another man – Poroshenko – was clearly winning. Yarosh got 0.9% overall.)

Many Russians are convinced that it’s all USA’s doing, many think it’s Europe. But the fact that it might be Russia attacking the guys at the Ukrainian-Russian border obviously doesn’t enter their mind. No, no, no. Anything but Russia.

It’s sad. (Because friendships are strung very tight because of these issues.)

It’s hurtful. (Because it makes it sound as if we’re so dumb here in Ukraine that we don’t know anything. I am not saying our information is 100% correct – after all it’s all mass media – but I’d believe someone who has been on the front lines more than someone who has watched TV or read a newspaper.)

It’s maddening. (Because telling someone what REALLY is going on again and again gets old after a while, especially when they ask and don’t listen.)

People from both sides are dying – I don’t even know how many victims there’s been in total.

So… please continue praying for Ukraine and Russia and wisdom for our leaders.

Below is a music video a famous DJ Armin van Buuren made recently, using the images from Maidan.

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