[a month and three days]

[a month and three days]

Until mom reminded me of the date on Monday, I totally forgot what it was.

June 2.

A month has gone by since Sam and I got married.

My cousin’s husband Martin walked me down the aisle.


We have traveled to gorgeous Carpathian mountains (no Dracula where we were), visited Sam’s parents in wonderful and cozy Lviv (and I met some relatives I haven’t met before… it’s a good to have a big family once again), started remodeling our apartment (again… the rooms were done in the fall, but we needed to do the rest of the apartment), and generally enjoyed life together.

The ceremony at my Church with both Sam’s and my pastors present.

How’s married life?

Many things I expected and many things I didn’t expect 😀

We have moved into this married life so comfortably that, to be honest, I didn’t feel that big of a change. If anything, it feels as if we’ve always been married (or at least for a long time).

With "XX Century Fox" music in the background, we were pronounced husband and wife.
With “XX Century Fox” music in the background, we were pronounced husband and wife.

One of the things I love – there’s someone to come home to. Someone to share my life with (even when I might not be in the mood for sharing – haha). Someone I love and someone who loves me.


I was thinking the other day… My “conversion” into the married life happened just like decision to become a follower of Christ. It wasn’t like my life was completely overhauled. It wasn’t a dramatic change.

My definition of happiness.

On one hand, it’s probably good that it wasn’t a big change because I am tired of changes. But at the same time, it leaves me feeling sort of… I don’t even know how to describe it. Feeling like I missed something.

We love riding bicycles. Sam’s got a fixed gear one and I got a usual mountain bike.

I felt that way with me being a Christian – going to Church (voluntarily, not because someone made me) since I was 6 years old, my mom becoming a pastor and because of that, us spending more time at the Church.

It was a smooth transition from someone who enjoyed Sunday School for the Americans who came and for the candies they brought (seriously, that’s what kept me at Church in the very beginning – I could have fun with someone who was older and foreign) to someone who consciously made a decision.

No drugs, no smoking, nothing like that… My life was good and it became even much better.

We both wore exactly the same Converse for the wedding. I was so happy (and still am) that Sam doesn’t like girls wearing high heels.

And pretty much it was the same here. Smoothly and comfortably, we entered the new life of the “25.” (2 for Z and 5 for S, i.e. Zee and Sam.)

Our family.
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