[journey through romans: 2:17-29]

[journey through romans: 2:17-29]

I think we all have a love-hate relationship with rules.

On one hand, no one likes them. They are stifling and create a box into which you have to squeeze. You have to remember about them. There’s a whole bunch of drawbacks.

However, we love rules too. They make our life easier. You know what is expected of you and you know how to measure progress. The problem with rules begins when we start to care only about doing what the rules say we should do and forget the very reason why we are doing something. For example, do we love because we want to love others or because Jesus said we gotta love everyone?

Are rules our idols?

“Don’t assume that you can lean back in the arms of your religion and take it easy, feeling smug because you’re an insider to God’s revelation, a connoisseur of the best things of God, informed on the latest doctrines!”

Romans 2:17, MSG

  • I think sometimes they can become our idols. We live to live the rules. Know what I mean? We have a heart attack if we fail in living up to them. Yeah, they can become our idols.

    • Heart attack – yeah, no kidding… It’s hard to come to terms with oneself when you realize you have failed.

  • I really like the MSG version of that verse. Rules can become our idols and even our preferences can become rules that we think others should obey to be spiritual. Now I need to catch up on your Roman ‘s study. It’s the one book that addresses rules (law) verse grace in a clear way. Praying all is well Zee.

    • I like Message Bible version too, Betty. Often, it hits home like nothing else.

      I should continue the Romans study… Thought I’d be posting every day, but ended up swamped with wedding preparations and work 🙁

  • good things to be swamped over…get married…Roman’s will always be there…weddings should only happen once. I am so happy for you Zee and admire both you and your future husband for going ahead with your plans with all the turmoil in your country going on. You both show a faith bigger then Putin.

  • Jennifer Dougan

    Hi Zee,
    Hearing familiar scripture in the Message version tweaks it, doesn’t it?

    Popping over from Bill’s blog… Bill, thanks for showcasing Zee’s story.

    Congratulations, newlyweds, Zee and Sam! Marriage is a wonderful worth-it adventure and challenge.

    Thinking of Ukraine these days too… we have adopted relatives from those towns.

    Jennifer Dougan

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