[may I?]

[may I?]

Lately I was wondering…

Can I enjoy life when there’s a near-war situation in my country?

May I live and laugh and thank God for the blessings He is sending me every day?

At the moment, weather is incredibly nice. Perfect temperature for a T-shirt and a hoodie.

At the moment, since last week, I have changed a place of work. Now I am a PR manager at a new software development company. I love this team and the type of work and the location.

At the moment, it’s a month until I marry the man I love.

At the moment, there is no war yet.

At the moment, my relatives are healthy and everything is okay.

At the same time… the political situation is as confusing as ever. I stopped reading the news and now get a digest version from Sam in the evenings or mornings because he understands more about it.

At the same time, there are people still captured in Ukraine by the Russians.

At the same time, no one knows what information is correct and what isn’t, because every side shows itself in a better light (it’s only natural), so I realize that probably even “our” (read “pro-Ukraine”) mass media are not telling everything straight.

The dilemma?

Is it okay to enjoy life? Because I really do… but feel somewhat guilty at the same time because there are people who say that this is only the beginning of the bad stuff. But if you don’t rejoice and enjoy life now, then when?

And another thing… call me weird, but when everything is good, I feel more tense than usual because I feel as if I can’t relax. Because I feel as if I relax and get comfortable in the surroundings as they are right now, something will happen and I might lose one of the components of what I’m so enjoying right now. Know what I mean?

Anyway… angst moment is over. (Thanks to my friend Natasha O. for this phrase.)

What do you think? Ever been in a situation like this?

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