[salvation & sanctification]

[salvation & sanctification]

On my way to work this morning, reading Ted Dekker’s Slumber of Christianity, I wondered about something…

If sanctification is a moment and a process (i.e. there’s a moment when you’re sanctified, and that moment is a start of the lifelong process of becoming entirely sanctified)…

Is salvation a process and a moment then, following this logic? Paul and Peter keep talking about the HOPE of salvation, which means we reach the salvation only when we get to heaven. (Which makes sense, if one believes that it’s possible to “lose” salvation.)

So at the moment of sanctification we begin the process of salvation, and at the moment of salvation we complete the process of sanctification. 

Agree / disagree?

(Here’s a shout out to Bill Grandi, who wrote this kind of post yesterday – on a different topic, though – asking for opinions. That gave me the idea.)

Footnote: even though the Church I go to believes in the concept of entire sanctification, I am not sure I believe that is possible during this lifetime. While I don’t doubt the great power of God, I still don’t think we can become perfect before we die.

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