[please pray for Ukraine]

[please pray for Ukraine]

Once again, I come to you with a humble request.

Please pray for my country, the country called Ukraine.

The country of people who want to be free and to be treated as a nation of people. People who want peace in the country and government that respects the citizens.

Since November 30, when the first attacks against the peaceful people have started, there have been protests downtown. They were peaceful on the side of people, yet from the side of the government, they were quite aggressive.


There was a battle on January 22, which became one of the black days in the history of Independent Ukraine.

On Tuesday, February 18, the time for battles was over and now it’s a war.

Over 25 people are dead since yesterday, and there are at least 10 more shot by snipers this morning.

For all to see… this is a sniper from Ukrainian special ops… shown on Polish TV

As I am writing this, my mind cannot even contain it all. Heart cannot contain it either.


Against simple people with rocks.


I am not saying the protesters are all peaceful. They gave up being peaceful and being like sheep, led to slaughter. In some cases, this allegory works well, but not when our nation is being cut down mercilessly by its own government.

Yes, we fight back.

Many people keep saying “Well, how about loving your enemy and turning the other cheek.”

I don’t think that works in the situation of a war. And I actually get mad whenever people tell me that we should just love those who are killing us.


Since Tuesday, the subway system has been shut down. Many had to walk for hours in order to get home, since there were incredible traffic jams all over the city. I myself walked for 2.5 hours and then, miraculously, got in a bus that stopped right next to us and drove us the remaining way home. Otherwise, we were facing another 1.5 hour walk. Thankfully the weather is nice and actually warm. Not like a February at all.


Today, they are talking about shutting down all the gas stations too. This would prevent Molotov Cocktails from being made as well as prevent people to drive to Maidan (since right now it is pretty much the only normal way to get there, unless you live near and can walk).


This is war.

War of the government against its own people.

I don’t even know what to write…

This is my first time living under a warlike conditions (even if I am not at Maidan myself) and I so wish my grandma was alive and I could ask her for wisdom. She lived through the WWII and so did my grandpa. But I never knew my grandpa and my grandma is 12 years gone…

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I believe God has a purpose for Ukraine.

I believe that one day, some of us will be able to tell our kids about this and share our experiences and lessons we’ve learned.

I hope that Ukraine will still be a country after all this and there will be people left…

I hope that I will be able to write cheerful posts once again.

I hope. I pray. I believe.


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