I tried to resist writing this. I tried to reason with myself and two quiet voices inside of me: one saying that it is my own life  I am living and the other whispering that my life is not for me.

Yet the daily verses kept coming and I felt the whispering voice grow stronger.

Couple of weeks ago we celebrated Halloween with friends.543865_10151999702858923_695118045_n

The entire celebration consisted of getting together, sharing food, enjoying conversation, and pretty much the only Halloween element was the pumpkin we carved. Oh, and meat balls shaped like mice.

Yet when I posted the picture of our Jack the Pumpkin, I got a ton of opinions regarding whether Christians can celebrate this pagan holiday.

My first reaction?

I do what I want, and  the more people tell me I cannot do something, the more I want to do it.

I do not worship that pumpkin; we did not have any other ceremonies connected with the holiday; what is the big deal?

But then the other voice I mentioned piped in that reminds  me of a passage in Corinthians we discussed just a few days before Halloween at a small group.

For instance, say you flaunt your freedom by going to a banquet thrown in honor of idols, where the main course is meat sacrificed to idols. Isn’t there great danger if someone still struggling over this issue, someone who looks up to you as knowledgeable and mature, sees you go into that banquet? The danger is that he will become terribly confused—maybe even to the point of getting mixed up himself in what his conscience tells him is wrong. Christ gave up his life for that person. Wouldn’t you at least be willing to give up going to dinner for him—because, as you say, it doesn’t really make any difference? But it does make a difference if you hurt your friend terribly, risking his eternal ruin! When you hurt your friend, you hurt Christ. A free meal here and there isn’t worth it at the cost of even one of these “weak ones.” So, never go to these idol-tainted meals if there’s any chance it will trip up one of your brothers or sisters.

1 Corinthians 8:10-13 MSG

“But… but… but…” The first voice tried to find a foothold.

“But what?”

“But… Yes, you are right.”

I am not saying my friends are weak, and I am oh-so-strong. But while for me, Halloween is just a reason to get together with friends and  have fun, it might hurt other friends I care about.

And that’s the last thing I would want.

What do you think? Do you celebrate Halloween?

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