[BOOK REVIEW: Death by Living by N.D. Wilson]

[BOOK REVIEW: Death by Living by N.D. Wilson]

It was a book by an author I have never read before. I chose it because of so many outstanding reviews (and was curious why one person decided to say he did not like it at all.) Besides, death by living – an intriguing title (and I like apt titles…)

_240_360_Book.903.coverTo be completely honest, I was often lost when reading this book. Not lost to the world, entranced by what I was reading (which is not uncommon for me – at least when I am reading Tosca Lee or Ted Dekker or Dean Koontz). Rather I was lost in the book, trying to catch the meaning gracefully embroidered by all the word masterpieces.

I love word pictures – Dean Koontz is a master of those. However, here there was a classic example of “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”

That said, I did like the stories Wilson shared and his perspective on life. We are here because someone saved a soldier’s life many years ago, and that soldier was our grandfather. We are here because God planned for those two special people we call our parents to get together. We are here because of the butterfly effect throughout the history of humanity. We are here because God thought us.

Wilson’s call to us resonates deeply:

See it. Hear Him. Thank Him. Ask for more. Search for moments in your story for which you can be grateful.

It was a good book. Not my style, but there are many tastes and likes.

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  • Susan

    Haven’t seen you in ages. How are you doing? It sounds like a challenging book!

    • Hi Susan!

      Yeah, there are just WAY too many changes in my life at the moment. I’ve got about a dozen drafts saved on my blog, and I don’t have time to finish any of them! Hopefully, soon life will settle down a bit. My personal life, my church life, my work life all have had drastic changes.

      I am good, but a bit overwhelmed. Getting engaged (and preparing to get married), remodeling my apartment, changing work places (after 5.5 years at one place), facing a possible Church change (since my fiance goes to one Church, and I go to another… and I like his Church, while I don’t want to leave mine… ARGH… way too many decisions to be made at the same time.)

      The book – the book is good if you like poetry. I am not really a fan of poetry, so I didn’t like the style of the book. The stories are good, though.

      How are you??

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