[warn people]

[warn people]

A few Sundays ago, Sam and I were in Lviv (a city in Western Ukraine) at his old Church he attended before moving to Kyiv.

To be completely honest, I don’t remember what the sermon was about. It was based on Ezekiel 33, the beginning of the chapter. However, I decided to read further, and the passage I have read got stuck in my mind.

“You, son of man, are the watchman. I’ve made you a watchman for Israel. The minute you hear a message from me, warn them.

If I say to the wicked, ‘Wicked man, wicked woman, you’re on the fast track to death!’ and you don’t speak up and warn the wicked to change their ways, the wicked will die unwarned in their sins, and I’ll hold you responsible for their bloodshed.

But if you warn the wicked to change their ways and they don’t do it, they’ll die in their sins well-warned and at least you will have saved your own life.”

Ezekiel 33:7-9 MSG

Often I get weary of sharing the Story with others because it seems that I keep telling them, and nothing happens. I told them a million times and no result. It is especially hard when you hear from others about their successes in evangelism sphere. “Am I a loser? What’s the point? Perhaps I just should leave it to others. They are better at it than I am.”

That, I believe, is one of the most effective lies the devil utilizes to stop us from becoming God’s messengers.

But here, in this passage, God basically says, “If they perish because you kept your mouth shut… it is your fault they died.”

It’s a thought that wakes one up.

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