[what matters]

[what matters]

Skype message read: “Hey, I’m having trouble at work. Can you pray?”

I looked at my work mail inbox, saw that I can take a few minutes away from computer, and texted back, “I’ll make some tea and go to the balcony.”

Couple of minutes later, I stood outside on our 15th floor balcony, enjoying the sunshine and our “inspirational” view of a cemetery located right next to the office towers.

“God, You’ve got everything in Your hands, You’ve got everything planned… Help us to deal with problems that arise.”

The cemetery attracted my attention, and I studied the already-familiar monuments. Right now, they are still hidden underneath the trees, but in just a couple of months, the leaves will be gone. We have moved into this office building over three years ago, and while at first it was weird to be so close to the cemetery, we got used to it. I often joke that the view makes one think of the eternal things instead of things of “this world.”

Those people… those who are buried there – they have no more worries about their businesses here on earth. They have no worries about what clothes to wear or what party to attend or what problems they have at the place where they work. What lives on is memories of what those people did, memories of fun times, of good times, of, perhaps, tough times. You cannot change anything once you’re gone from this life – even if we continue living even after we die, it’s a different kind of life.

I have never heard God speak audibly, but I believe sometimes He sends thoughts into our mind that make us go “Ohhhh…. I see.”

“In the end, the relationships we build are what truly matters.”

How we react to the crisis, the friendships we have built and nourished… What we did in the times of trial and at the times of peace. This is what matters.

Were we showing Christ to our family members, friends, and colleagues or were we showing our own selves?

It doesn’t mean always being nice and fluffy – Jesus wasn’t always polite.

However, while He opposed injustice quite strongly, He was gentle with those who were hurting and who lost their way.

It is a lesson I need to remind myself of daily.

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