[“hotel transylvania” christianity]

[“hotel transylvania” christianity]

I watched Hotel Transylvania today. It’s a cartoon about Count Dracula and his obsession to keep his lovely daughter Mavis away from humans who might hurt her. He even got as far as to build a fake village nearby in order to instill a dislike for all non-monster folk out there.

As I thought about dad’s desire to protect, I wondered… how often we do the same thing as Christians?

We have special private Christian schools and universities, we try to read Christian books, we watch Christian movies, we have Christian friends…

Are we afraid the world will hurt us and our kids?


It will.

But the same time it will hurt them whether we protect them or not.

And if we hide the world from their reach for long enough, it will scar them much deeper because of the shock they will experience.

I really have this thing against monasteries. I think it’s a coward’s way. (It’s my opinion, I do not force it on anyone.)

If we hide from the world and stay in our little cozy comfortable Christian zone… how will other people get saved?

How did we get saved in the first place?

Jesus came into the world.

The world.

Not just to His good friends, who, He was sure, would not hurt Him.

He came into the world. And yes, got hurt by the world. Got killed by the world.

Yet… without Him here, among us, sinners, we would be hopeless.

So knowing this… how can we hide? How can we afford to remain within the walls of our Churches? How can we look at ourselves in the mirror when all we think about is how bad is the world outside.

Just thoughts drifting through my mind.

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