Amazing how just when you think “Okay, God, I guess this is it. I give up. Your will be done…”, He replies with “Hey, dear child, look what I have for you.”

And you realize He presents you with exactly what you were longing for.

And you just stand in awe.

That’s what I wrote this morning on my Facebook.

The day passed in a daze. I did work, but it took more conscious effort on my part to actually make myself do something.

My friends were gone to the US for two months. When they returned and we caught up with what happened while they were gone, Ree said:

“We asked other people what happened while we were gone. ‘Nothing new, really.’ And there’s you.”

These two months were a rollercoaster.

I said good-bye to my cat, my Church has moved, and I met a guy. 

Yesterday he and I changed our Facebook relationship status to “in relationship with…

Today, we both can’t seem to stop grinning.

Changes can be good.

What is even better is the realization that God’s timing is, after all, pretty much perfect.

I still can’t stand waiting, but I have learned that when I let go… when I humble myself before Him… when I say, “Dad, I can’t do it… Please help…”… He helps.

(To avoid sounding super-spiritual and holy, humbling myself doesn’t come easy and there’s a lot of *sigh* involved.)

The main thing now is to actually remember that lesson when something else comes along, and I start worrying about His timing.


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