[I want it my way!]

[I want it my way!]

I went to another Church’s Bible study group today, something that became a tradition of sorts during the last month. Worship at my Church in the morning, Bible study at another Church in the afternoon.

We came today and guys were having ice-cream. We got ours too, and sat, enjoying the ice-cream and watching Shaun the Sheep on TV (it was a break between their service and the group, and since there was a kid there, we watched cartoons in the meantime.)

Their pastor’s kid is about two years old. I sat across the table from them and watched the dad (D) / son (Y) interactions.

Y wanted to hold his ice-cream and eat it, but D tried to show him that Y should hold it by the stick, not just hold the wrapper (because the ice-cream would then be enjoyed only by the carpet.) Y clutched the wrapper tightly with his small hands, and when D pried the ice-cream away, Y started crying.

“Here, hold it here, see? There is a stick you should hold.” D gently said to Y, who was sobbing into his dad’s shirt. Y looked up, shook his head, and once again let out a wail of despair.

“Come on, here’s your ice-cream, do you want it?”

Y shook his head.

Since there were not a lot of us there and everyone was watching the unfolding situation, D explained “He wanted to hold the ice-cream by the wrapper, but it would fall down.”

D ended up eating the melting ice-cream on his own because every time he offered it to Y, he only got more crying in reply.

As I observed this, I wondered…

How often do I start wailing at God just because I want something to be done my way instead of the way God is gently showing me?

Y forfeited his ice-cream just because he did not want to hold the stick, but instead wanted the flimsy wrapper.

How often do I miss out on blessings simply because I wanted something frail to hold onto [that I thought was good enough] instead of something sturdy [that really was created for the purpose of enjoying this blessing]?

Far too often.

And when God offers me the blessing anyway… do I shout at Him and cry because I couldn’t have it my way?

That physical situation today with the ice-cream once again reminded me that I should really trust God. And that I can trust Him.

  • Good connection and application sis. I have made a mess of things when I have tried to hold onto things my way.

    • It’s fun to watch kids and think “Oh, they are so silly, don’t know their parents want the best for them” but at the same time we do exactly the same thing. Good thing that God is patient with us 🙂

  • Alexander Gimon

    As a witness of this situation, all I can say is that GOD TEACHES US IN AMAZING WAYS!

  • Betty Draper

    Good thoughts Zee…I have gotten pretty messy by trying hold my life together my way. Ice creams sounds right now…

    • I rarely eat ice-cream, but lately I have enjoyed it 🙂

  • Great illustration of our relationship with God! I’ve experienced the same with my kids before too. I remember once my daughter who was 1yr old at the time picked up a cigarette butt and tried to eat it. I quickly pulled it from our hand before she got it in her mouth and she started crying. I figured God does the same for us often. He knows what’s best!

    • And yet, oh, we complain louder than the kids! (And later claim that we are wise adults who know better.) 😀

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