[I want it my way!]

[I want it my way!]

I went to another Church’s Bible study group today, something that became a tradition of sorts during the last month. Worship at my Church in the morning, Bible study at another Church in the afternoon.

We came today and guys were having ice-cream. We got ours too, and sat, enjoying the ice-cream and watching Shaun the Sheep on TV (it was a break between their service and the group, and since there was a kid there, we watched cartoons in the meantime.)

Their pastor’s kid is about two years old. I sat across the table from them and watched the dad (D) / son (Y) interactions.

Y wanted to hold his ice-cream and eat it, but D tried to show him that Y should hold it by the stick, not just hold the wrapper (because the ice-cream would then be enjoyed only by the carpet.) Y clutched the wrapper tightly with his small hands, and when D pried the ice-cream away, Y started crying.

“Here, hold it here, see? There is a stick you should hold.” D gently said to Y, who was sobbing into his dad’s shirt. Y looked up, shook his head, and once again let out a wail of despair.

“Come on, here’s your ice-cream, do you want it?”

Y shook his head.

Since there were not a lot of us there and everyone was watching the unfolding situation, D explained “He wanted to hold the ice-cream by the wrapper, but it would fall down.”

D ended up eating the melting ice-cream on his own because every time he offered it to Y, he only got more crying in reply.

As I observed this, I wondered…

How often do I start wailing at God just because I want something to be done my way instead of the way God is gently showing me?

Y forfeited his ice-cream just because he did not want to hold the stick, but instead wanted the flimsy wrapper.

How often do I miss out on blessings simply because I wanted something frail to hold onto [that I thought was good enough] instead of something sturdy [that really was created for the purpose of enjoying this blessing]?

Far too often.

And when God offers me the blessing anyway… do I shout at Him and cry because I couldn’t have it my way?

That physical situation today with the ice-cream once again reminded me that I should really trust God. And that I can trust Him.

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