[relationships as a dance]

[relationships as a dance]

Relationships are a dance.
You move in harmony
to the sometimes-silent music of circumstances.
The longer you know your partner,
The easier it gets.
You learn to think like he does
and vice versa.
You know what the other will do, where he will step, what move he will make.

And you dance.

Dancing alone is sometimes fun,
But it can’t go on for a long time.
There’s no harmony in dancing alone.
There’s no challenge of adjusting to each other,
Making each other’s movements better,
More chiseled.

So you dance.

Keep on dancing the life.
Keep on moving with the music.

  • Betty Draper

    You are a girl after my own heart…anything to do with dancing I am for. Beautiful poem Zee…Ace and I slow step at our age when we both can get our knees and hips to work together…blessings.

    • Betty – the fun thing is that I am not much of a dancer… I *love* to observe other people dancing, but usually I feel too self-conscious when I dance. So I don’t… There was a couple of dances in my life, however, where I felt good… where I trusted my partner and didn’t have to worry about anything.

  • Problem with me dancing is I step on a lot of toes as i do. Yeah, I am not a dancer. never have been. But I love being in step with others.

    • We all step on toes, Bill. Some do it more often, some less…

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  • Betty Draper

    Zee, sent you a little gift yesterday, they did not tell me how long it takes to get to you.

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