[BOOK REVIEW: Save Me from Myself by Brian “Head” Welch]

[BOOK REVIEW: Save Me from Myself by Brian “Head” Welch]

It took me several hours to read this autobiographical book. I started in the evening on Sunday, slept some in between, woke up early in the morning on Monday and finished the book.

90645It is definitely a page-turner. The raw way of writing that Brian uses engages the reader from the start and doesn’t let go from its grip until the end. (And then I was tempted to go and read what happened to Brian after the book was published back in 2007 – seems like he’s still with God, so praise God.)

While he doesn’t share all the gory details of his life before he was found by God, he does share quite a few. If anything, the reader would not want to even think of trying drugs after all those stories. He also wrote about friendships and his personal life. The love for his daughter emanates from the pages in almost tangible way. It is rather interesting to read about his fights and misunderstandings with other people yet in the next sentence, he’d mention Jennae and you can feel the change in his tone as he calls her his baby girl.

I found it interesting that he actually asked Jesus to be his Savior back when he was a kid – because his friend’s mother did not mind sharing the Gospel with him. Sadly, that was right before he went on a completely different path… yet the seed was sown. It made me think of all the people I come in contact with and might influence too… a butterfly effect of sorts. Will my wings flutter bring peace and good news or will I cause a storm?

What made the most impact on me was the part he shares AFTER he became a Christian. It’s one thing to end a book on “they lived happily ever after” yet the war BEGINS when you become a Christian since this world is a battleground and we are the soldiers. So when Brian shared his struggles with faith and all the echoes of his past life, that’s what really affected me. His willingness to go on, his desire to serve God no matter what happens, and his faith.

The only thing that kinda got me off track was the speaking in tongues issue. While I don’t deny that gift is sometimes bestowed upon people, I do not believe everyone should practice it and “work on it” – it’s a gift. You either have it or not. But that was a minor thing and otherwise I really hope his conversion affected his fans.

  • I have known about Brian’s new path and have seen this book, but never read it. Have you heard his CD Love and Death? I have heard snippets of it. Have also read some reviews of it (they are good ones). If you like that type of music it might be worth listening to. (Amazon has the 30 second thing). I liked what I heard.

    • It is quite interesting, Bill. The only thing is – it was written in ’07, but as I read later, turns out Brian rejoined Koяn in May ’13… I wonder what that would mean for his walk in Christ. Hopefully, he will not veer off the path.

      • I am hoping he sticks with his faith path Zee. Love and Death is a CD/band.

        • Yeah, I’ve listened to a couple of songs but it’s not really my style of music.

          • Hmmm I thought it was.

          • Well… Sometimes it is, I guess. But it’s not something I listen to all the time. I used to listen to music like this when I was younger, but nowadays, I am… well… I don’t know. There are times when I crave Disciple (been listening to them for a week) and there are times when I am completely content listening to soundtracks from BBC’s Sherlock Holmes and Lord of the Rings…

          • Today was the day when this was my kind of music. Stressful day / week at work, and I just needed something to relax to… Meltdown was a good song to listen to.

            My music preferences are weird.

  • Taras K

    Читал книгу, когда она только вышла в 2007. На то время было очень вдохновляюще и все такое.
    Филди (басист Korn), тоже покаялся спустя пару лет и тоже книгу написал.

    • Это была первая книга, которую мне дал почитать Сэм)))) Интересная, хоть я и не фанат KOЯN-a и не полностью согласна с его взглядами на говорение на языках.

      Мне интересно, что дальше будет – вроде ж в этом мае он вернулся в KOЯN опять…

      • Taras K

        Я ее Сэму и давал читать)
        Там в доктринальном плане полная каша, если честно, я этих Сэмовских Whosoevers смотреть не могу, там шопопало несется. Но Бог спасает не только мою церковь. Если для кого-либо он стал свидетельством – слава Богу.

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