[BOOK REVIEW: When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey]

[BOOK REVIEW: When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey]

I saw this book on BookSneeze, got it, and then saw that a bunch of my friends also are reading it (or are planning on reading it).

_240_360_Book.879.coverThe book piqued my initial interest because it mentioned magic. I love Narnia books as well as Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings. I believe that when we know what we believe, God provides so many stories we can use to share His message with people we know…but I am getting away from the book.

When Mockingbirds Sing is about a family who moved to a small town trying to get a fresh start. Adjusting to small town ways after living in a big city takes a while – for both sides. The things are complicated when little Leah suddenly develops a gift. Some claim it’s magic and therefore wrong. Some believe it’s from God and therefore should be wholeheartedly accepted. Some are hanging in the interstice, not sure what to believe, yet confronted with the fact that there is SOMETHING there. Everything seems so perfect… yet people are torn between beliefs and are struggling with relationships.

I enjoyed this book. It was not one of the “happy” books you read and everything is working out just as planned. There are difficulties that the characters face and they HAVE to deal with them. Yet the book also provides hope and joy that surpasses just this life. Once again, I liked the magic part about it, the belief in the Maybe. If anything, this book once again shows that we, adults, should learn from kids about what it means to truly believe… even when times are hard and we have to do something that hurts and scares us.

It’s a really cool book and I think it’s going to have a sequel. I am definitely looking forward to that book because I enjoyed Coffey’s writing style. He paints good word pictures and he is also honest about things in our life and questions we are sometimes afraid to ask for the fear we would be laughed at.

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