[sharing your testimony]

[sharing your testimony]

“Do you ever envy other’s testimonies? I feel as if mine is so incredibly boring,” I typed in the Facebook chat window.

“How so?” My friend sounded surprised, as much as a chat can convey emotions without using the smileys.

“There was no drastic ‘before’ and ‘after.’ I was always in Church, almost always a good girl, a pastor’s kid…” I shrugged in front of my laptop, even though my friend couldn’t see me.

As a kid, I have asked Jesus into my heart every year at the camp because I thought this would help my friends get courage and walk up front too. I did make a conscious decision when I was 14 at a conference, but that was it.

The toughest part was probably when I went to a Christian (so I thought) university and faced Bible classes with a teacher who was great as a teacher, but our views on Christianity were so different that I have spent first three years of my studies hating the Bible classes due to the fact that I constantly had to think what do I believe. As I look back, it was one of those “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” My faith’s foundation was almost completely blown to bits, and I had to rebuild it all over again, this time consciously putting in an effort to do everything thoroughly.

There were, of course, challenges throughout the years… times when I wondered where I am going, why am I going there, and what should I do on my way.

Last week I have joined FitCurves. It’s an international network of fitness centers for women. A lot of women come there with a goal of losing weight or putting on some muscles, or to stay healthy… My goal was just to have a place where I could stretch and train after work and sitting in the office all day long. Sure, I wouldn’t mind losing some weight (even if I am comfortable with my current) or making my body more flexible than it was. However, due to the fact that I have trained at a gym before and generally try to keep myself in shape, I had no idea what goal to set for me.

On my way home from the gym, I realized that it is the same situation as with being a Christian. Instead of working less, because I am already in good shape, I actually have to work more because…

From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.

Luke 12:48b

This verse has been on my mind for two days now.

I can’t just be satisfied with doing something that is hard for others, but comes easy to me. I cannot simply enjoy being able to touch the floor with the palms of my hands while bending down because it’s something that I can already do. So I get to push myself on and on. But at the same time, I read the stories of people who started going to FitCurves to fight obesity and how they lost 40 pounds in the first half a year… I can’t do that. Otherwise, my problem then would be to gain weight.

I often forget my starting point was different…

Different. Not worse or better. Different.

My friend shared, quoting his Bible teacher:

My testimony shows God’s redemptive power, and yours shows God’s keeping power. Your testimony is just as exciting, just in a different way.

The goal we have at FitCurves is to help us be healthy and stay in shape.

The goal for Christian life is to live a kind of life God would look at and when we come to Him, we can hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Starting points are different, but it’s a long way to go no matter where we have started.

The measures will be different too for each one of us – who is given more will be asked more.

Yet, onward we go.

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