[last sunday at studentska]

[last sunday at studentska]

Yesterday we had our last service at the Church at 3 Studentska Street.

It feels odd to write those words because we had been talking about the move for a couple of years and the word “soon” lost its meaning… until last Friday when I found out that this week we’ll already be meeting at a new place.

God provided this new place, and I believe that it will be a good one… once we settle in, and the shock of the move wears off.

At the moment, most people are in various states of shock.

Some wonder how to get to the new place (since the vast majority do not have a car and take public transport).

Some worry about losing people in the process of moving (because it is a different district of a large city).

Some are hurting because we had so many memories accumulated in fifteen years at this location. It was our first building that we owned. It was ours.

People cried during the last prayer. My pastor broke down as well as he prayed, “We let this place go and we pray for the new building.”

I thought last Sunday service at a place where I have spent most of my growing up years (as a PK, I was at Church more than I was elsewhere) would be a more emotional time for me. Instead, I felt rather Spock-like.

I wondered about my reaction (or lack of it) and realized that because I had to say good bye to Liz just two weeks ago, it helped me to deal with saying good bye to my second home.

I won’t be able to forget it, nor I am required to. It was a big part of my life. However, as much as I don’t like changes, it’s time to let Studentska go and embrace the new place.

Daniel's Last Sunday at Studentska
Daniel’s Last Sunday at Studentska
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