[perfect kids?]

[perfect kids?]

I saw a Radio Free Babylon’s “Coffee with Jesus” comic dedicated to Mother’s Day, grinned about it, and then wondered…

What was Jesus’ relationship with his parents like?

All not-yet-parents wish to have perfect kids… (I am guessing, already-parents also want their kids to be perfect, but they also love their kids as they are… or, at least, should love… but that’s not the point right now)…

Mary and Joseph had a perfect son.

Seriously, how much better can it be than having God for a son?

It also was scary, I think.

But I still wonder… a perfect son… who already knows everything that is there to know… Or, did Jesus know everything right away?

One of the things that I dream of sharing with my kids is knowledge that I have. I loved reading as a kid and I still am addicted to reading and my mind is a mass of random facts and figures. Sometimes I don’t even know why I remember some obscure things, but it seems stuck in my brain.

But when you have a perfect kid… for example, if your kid is a wunderkind… (or God, as in Joseph and Mary’s case)… won’t it make you feel inferior to your own kids? And besides that… it would be boring to have a kid who does everything as he’s told and always behaves well. I mean, what’s going to happen to all the stories to tell?

Just random thoughts.

What do you think? Would you like a perfect kid?

(And I know if you have kids, they are perfect for you… but you know what I mean.)

By the way, here’s the comic strip I mentioned:

Radio Free Babylon: Coffee with Jesus: AWW, MOM!
Radio Free Babylon: Coffee with Jesus: AWW, MOM!
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