[it’s a quiet day]

[it’s a quiet day]


I slept in, had breakfast, cleaned some, and about to go get some ice-cream.

I am glad I’ve got this day “off” – even though every Saturday is a day off work as well as Sunday, for the last several months, even on days off I had something going on.

So today, even though my friends are getting together to play mafia, I am home alone with my cat, enjoying a time when I don’t have to communicate verbally.

A lot of my friends think I need to be helped, but in reality, all I need is a day to recharge and then I can once again be reintroduced to community, being able to actually ENJOY being with other people.

I like being with people. They are interesting to observe and I like to learn from them – and about them.

There are days though when I need rest from observing the others and enjoy myself. It sounds weird, I know. But I do like to go for walks, with a movie soundtrack playing in my headphones (I love good soundtracks…), and just think about what I have learned / observed in between of my “days off.”

If you’re looking for some “a-ha!” moment in this post, there’s none. I just wanted to write. I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but every time I sat down with my laptop and clicked “Add New Post”… there were so many unprocessed thoughts in my brain that I simply had no idea where to start.

So I started here.

In a quiet place.

On a day off.

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