[robots and love]

[robots and love]

Sometimes you realize that even your best friends don’t understand you.

It hurts.

But then, you realize something else – even if you don’t see eye to eye on every single thing, being best friends means that you can put those differences aside because friendship matters.

My friend told me today that I would live perfectly well with robots around me. (She watched Iron Man for the first time… and, I guess, was impressed by Tony Stark’s robots.)

…all because I said that I could not host our RedShift group at my home because I was tired and needed a day off without people.

I am an introvert. Yes.

But that does not mean I don’t want to be with people.

It just means that I cannot recharge my batteries when I am required to interact. (And usually people want me to interact, for some reason…)

But back to robots.

As I was thinking about my friend’s claim (my brain always insists on analyzing every bit of information that comes my way), I thought of something that was on my mind a long time ago.

I was taking an Old Hebrew class and it was a tremendous blessing for me, not even a university freshman, to study along with pastors and seminary students. One day, Tom Kinnan, pastor at BreakPointe Community Church, who was a student back then, and I had a conversation about God’s love.

“Why did He give us choice? It would be so much easier without it.”

“It wouldn’t be love.”

God could have created us with love for Him by default. You could be born and not have to make the choice whether to love God or not. You just simply would love Him.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But when you think about it… that’s not love.

Love is a conscious choice. Day by day, hour by hour. Sometimes minute by minute, even!

It is one of the reasons why I prefer cats over dogs (while I do enjoy dogs).

When a dog joyfully greets me, it’s more or less normal because that’s what dogs do. They are joyful animals, for the most part.

But when my Liz comes to me, settles her little furry purring body next to mine, and looks into my eyes with that look of love that I have grown accustomed to over the lifetime we have spent together… And when I know that I am special for her and she won’t just go to anyone… That means a whole lot more to me.

We will never fully understand the mind of God with our minds or hearts. But I believe that for God, it matters so much more when we make a conscious decision and come to Him.

Not as robots, but as people who have a choice and who choose Him.

  • What an insightful post lil sis. I am a firm believer in choice and have difficulty with those who want to take away our freedom of choice and say we have none. That we are under God’s sovereignty. True, but that sov also includes allowing us to make choices. And as you stated: that is love. And for what its worth: I think you are wise in saying no when you don’t feel like hosting. Recharge or die.

    • There are times when I wish I didn’t have the choice. They are usually times when I know that I made a poor choice and wish I didn’t even have that opportunity and didn’t disappoint God with the way I have chosen.

      I know He loves me anyway and He would’ve came and died for me no matter what I do… but I just want Him to be proud of me…

      Recharge or die – that made me laugh 🙂 Nice way to put it. I need to get a T-shirt with that saying and a low battery picture 🙂

  • Susan

    I understand the introvert thing myself, Zee. I do have a dog (though ShihTzu have many characteristics in common with cats) and a cat. Both of them love me with all they are. Both greet me when I come home. And yes, it is a special kind of love. Glad you have your Liz.

    • A friend of mine has two Shih-Tzus so I am familiar with their catlikeness 😀 (Although my friend’s cat was not impressed with the shih-tzu acting like a cat – hahaha.)

      Thanks, Susan!

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