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I got my mom hooked on the British show called Sherlock.

I was protesting against watching it at first when my friend offered it.

But then I agreed because I was bored of everything else… and I loved it.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a fun Holmes. I love the intelligence in his eyes – and it’s not just something he can play well. Back in university, he spent a year away from England teaching English in Tibet. I don’t think anyone can walk away from that kind of experienced without any lingering effects.

But while I love Sherlock’s intelligence, it is Martin Freeman’s Dr. Watson that I am in love with. Besides liking the character he plays per se, lately I kept seeing Freeman quite a lot in movies. He’s Dr. John Watson, he’s Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit), and he is Arthur Dent (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

My friend Jessica and I were talking one night and she pointed out that his characters usually would prefer to stay home yet they are continuously dragged into the midst of action… and they thrive in adventures.

Then I found this comic:



There was a bit back in the first episode of Sherlock. 

As you might know, John was a soldier before and it was Mycroft Holmes who pointed out that Watson wasn’t suffering from the aftereffects of war… all the dreams and the limp, all the visits to a psychiatrist…

Watson was actually missing the war.

* * *

I got a chance to take a walk today on my way home from work. The bus was stuck so I either had to wait for a trolleybus to take me to the metro or simply walk. The weather was quite warm for a February evening, so I chose latter.

Listening to Blue Man Group, I navigated the streets and thought.

I miss the action.

While the mere idea usually scares me, when I am in the middle of it, I am loving every single bit.

I don’t even need to go far for an example. Last week we had a bit event. Many hours of work has been dedicated to it, including having to stay at work until 1AM packing books for our Members. It was not the easiest job. It required having to stay up late. But man, I felt good. That simple knowledge that you’re doing something that counts (and not just in a long run, but now)…

Otherwise, everything has been pretty much mundane.

I am thankful for my new role in Church – it is something I like doing and I am excited.

But work-wise?

And then I stop.

Can I really complain that everything is great and I am just bored?

Can I really complain when I have a job that I [think I] like that is stable and my salary is secure?

Can I really complain when I enjoy working with people at my office?

Yet, I do miss “the war.”

Seriously… what is wrong with me?

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