[there are days…]

[there are days…]

There are days when my introverted self decides to kick in and claim its territory.

Most of the time, I have learned to keep that side of myself hidden… but there are still days.

There are days when all I want is to stay home, with no phone calls, with no decisions required, no mind work…

Just rest.

Today is that day.

I did come to work today and actually managed to do several tasks that were in my Outlook to-do list for a couple of weeks now. However, in order to do that, I had to leave our open-space office and go to one of the meeting rooms.

And yet a lot of people don’t get the hint and still pop in to ask me why am I sitting in a meeting room instead of my work desk.


Why do you care?

Obviously I had a reason why I needed to go to a meeting room.

I know they are trying to help and be nice.

I appreciate that.

I know they care.

But sometimes all I need is to be left alone… at least for a tiny bit of time.

When will this day end?

I know that tomorrow I will be okay and back to my semi-cheerful self (as cheerful as it is possible with this stupid gray weather outside – and please don’t tell me that I should not allow the weather affect my mood – I really don’t care for advice like that. Seriously.)

I stare at my computer, the other tasks that require creativity. I look inside my mind, looking for inspiration, and it’s not there.


Tea and chocolate-covered raisins.

Life will be good.

There’s a comic I love.

I saw one the other day and it was just SO to the point…


My car might have to be towed to the shop soon. 

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