[prevenient gravity… I mean, grace]

[prevenient gravity… I mean, grace]

I finished listening to my Harry Potter audio books recently and because I needed something to listen just before going to bed, I started listening to astronomy lectures by Professor James Kaler again.

As he was talking about how our solar system works, something he said triggered a memory of a discussion I recently was a part of with my mom and a couple of my friends.


Gravity equals the product of the two masses divided by the square of the distance between them.

What’s so remarkable about it?

Because gravity is dependent on the distance between the objects and one can never divide by zero (or stretch the distance into infinity), that means you can never escape the Earth’s gravity, even if you’re million light years from it.

Yes, the gravitational pull of our planet will be tiny and overwhelmed by the other bigger and closer objects. But Earth’s gravity will never be equal to zero.

Amazing, isn’t it? 

I also mentioned prevenient grace in the title.

If you think about it, one can never really escape God.

We might try to pretend we went too far away.

We might try to say that there’s nothing left between us.

But there is! 

There are other attractions in this life and we often feel their pull on us.

However, I do believe that God’s grace, His prevenient grace, always reaches out to us trying to remind us about home.

Sometimes we do go far.

Sometimes we forget about it.

But His love and grace are there, waiting for us to finally realize its presence.

The link to the place where we truly belong, even though we have left it back in the Garden in return for the “better” things.

God has created this world in a wonderful way. Learning about how it all works together is absolutely incredible and since one of my key strengths is Connectedness, I can’t help but see His character in His creation.

And just because I’ve been listening to this song all day long, gotta share it with you.

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