[rejoice, pray, be thankful: 2012]

[rejoice, pray, be thankful: 2012]

It has been a wild year, 2012 was.

We have survived the “end of the world” twice… in May and in December.

I don’t think I’ve had as many changes ever before.

But while it was a tough year, there were so many blessings as well.

Even though dear friends have had to move away, I’ve got new friends.

Even though I gave up a couple of ministries at Church, I got a new one, more global.

Even though sometimes it was hard to go on, there was always strength for one more step – and one more… and one more.

This fall I’ve heard various people share about what rejoicing means and I am thankful for those thoughts.

So I rejoice because I am still here and even if the world will end within the next hour, I do have hope for where I am going.

Selfishly, I am tempted to pray for this year to have less big changes… and at the same time, I want to pray God will continue to shape my life into what He wants it.

And I am thankful…

Oh, there are so many people and things I am thankful for.

My friends, my family, my church, my co-workers…

2013, welcome. 

  • I am totally thankful for you little sis. I am thankful I too survived the end of the world twice…although if you believe in the rapture I am in deep horse do-do.

    • And I’m thankful for you, big brother! Thanks for all your encouragement and support! *HUUUUUUUUUUG*

      Um… and you’ve lost me in the part about the rapture… Why are you in a deep… thing?

      • That means I missed it and that is not good. 🙂

        • Ah, gotcha.

          Yes, missing the Rapture would be bad… but no one from my Church disappeared… and I don’t just mean here in Ukraine 😀

          (On the other hand, Orthodox guys HAVE been saying that they are the only ones who get to win in this… Hmm…) 😀

        • Gotcha – yeah, that might be bad… 😀

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