[christmas memories]

[christmas memories]

Christmas is coming soon.

Reading about celebrations and traditions of various countries brought to mind the memory of the first Christmas celebration at our own Church building.

We bought that place around 1996 – 1997. It was an apartment building constructed in 1911, but we made some adjustments and transformed the first floor into the sanctuary and offices were upstairs. Later, we also expanded the third floor to add a couple of apartments and another meeting hall.

It took a few years to make it pretty, but we didn’t care – we finally had a place for our Church to call our own!

The very first service that took place in that building was a Christmas service.

It was incredibly cold. Winters in Ukraine back in those days were colder than now and the building wasn’t fully ready for the cold.

Most people sat in their coats and there was a huge (extremely) loud fan that heated the air a bit… During the first winter, we often had to make the decision whether we wanted to hear the sermon or to be warm 😀

Here’s a picture from that service:

I’m the second girl from the left. You can see the bare walls behind us… it looks much better these days.

We all had little poems to recite and I think we sang a couple of Christmas songs.

Then one of the kids played the cello. Oh, how we waited for him to finish! (I was longing to put my coat back on and the kid was just learning to play the cello so he sounded rather dreadful…)

It was a fun experience all in all.

This year, we’re not sure where we will celebrate our Christmas.

Our new building will supposedly be ready, but we’re not sure we will move during the winter.

If anything, this Christmas will be the last one to celebrate at our old building.

But memories are a good thing. It’s just time to get some new ones 🙂

  • Life is filled with memories. this is one of your good ones Zee and love the idea you have: it is time to make some new ones. So…did the kid continue playing the cello? Is he one of the two cello guys (can’t remember their names) who do remarkable things with a cello? 🙂

    • Re: the kid – no idea, to be honest. His mom does come to Church sometimes, but I haven’t seen him in over… well, many years. But no, he’s definitely not one of the PianoGuys (yet, anyway) 🙂

      • They are the 2 Cello guys. They come from your neck of the woods and are amazing. Their rendition of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal is absolutely incredible.

        • Hmmm… interesting. Will have to look more into it – never heard of them (or I think I haven’t, anyway)

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