[mind, faith, and winter]

[mind, faith, and winter]

Last Friday, we had glorious weather.

It was 54F, sunshiny, and a bit unexpected for the last day of November, yet no one complained.

The weekend was cloudy, but then on Monday, it felt as if frozen hell broke loose.

I walked out of my apartment building during the fall… but when I got to work and got out of the bus, it was winter all the way. Fierce wind at our hill where my office is located was trying to make human snowmen out of us as we hurried along the little sidewalk towards the entrance.

In a matter of a few hours, everything we could see from our 15th floor office windows was covered with snow.

It did not stop snowing for entire day. The roads were slippery, the traffic was terrible, and my mood (considering that the only reason I tolerate snow is because I like snowboarding… otherwise, I can’t stand that white wet substance) was on the edge.

It hasn’t snowed today, but getting to work was still quite an adventure because you basically have to ice-skate… because everything is covered in ice now. While ice-skating is a good entertainment sometimes, you usually ice-skate on smooth ice… The one outside on the streets is not smooth.

My faith path reminds me of this kind of weather.

Sometimes you’re enjoying a wonderful day where everything goes like it should and you can walk around, reveling in the sunshine and smiling at strangers.

Sometimes, however, you think you’re dressed up warm enough, only to discover that life blows a truckload of snow in your face. And the path becomes slippery. And you have to negotiate your way with extreme care… or risk making a fool out of yourself, face-planting. You think you’ve known what you believe and suddenly one question imbalances you.

The hope that remains is for the spring to come.

Whether some of the questions are important or not – that’s an entirely different story.

But they are there – and they are not alone, they give birth to a billion other questions…

And those who are as unlucky as I am can’t shut down their minds.

Think, think, think, think.


* * *

But the spring will come.

And the questions will make sense… or will not matter.

* * *

By the way, these two photos were taken by me at our office balcony. Friday vs. Monday…

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