As you get older, birthdays become (for the most part) just another good day of the year.

I like my birthdays because I’ve got great friends who know how to have fun – but at the same time, I no longer wait for it with baited breath (mostly because my friends and I get together on a weekly basis).

That said, birthdays are still cool. Two days ago, on Monday, it was my blog’s seventh birthday.

It was feeling lonely lately since I was so rushed constantly I had no time to calm down and settle in front of my computer and write the thoughts that are crowding my brain.

I have two more weeks of God’s Mission and the Church class and after that, I will be a bit free-er.

But anyway… happy birthday, dear blog.

  • I know you…I think. didn’t you used to be? Nah surely not my Ukrainian little sister. Oh, but you are ! So nice to hear that you are alive. 🙂 And I am being a pain in the buttocks (as Forest would say). Love ya sis. Happy bbday.

    • It took me several times of reading your comment to understand what you meant 😀 Silly big brother 😀 Yep, I am still alive. I even read your blog, just don’t comment. I’ve become a stalker *mwahaha* (ahem…)

      Love ya, Bill 🙂 and thanks 🙂

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