[10 years]

[10 years]

Yesterday has been 10 years since my grandma is gone.

I haven’t dreamed of her in so long. I miss those dreams where she and I would do something together.

Mom and I talked about the sad anniversary. We did not go to the cemetery. Neither of us likes cemeteries.

There is a team of elderly ladies from the States who come to Ukraine with a mission called “Operation Mary: Hold & Witness.” They have been coming here for a long time, every year. The leader is Baba Katya (which means “Grandma Kate” in Ukrainian… Her real name is Katerine Whitening…) who is a daughter of Ukrainian immigrants. There are new people every now and then coming with the team, but there are also those who traveled here several times.

One of  them, Shirley, reminds me of my grandma so much that it almost hurt this morning when I saw them enter the worship hall. Back when I was in university and traveled with their team around Ukraine, Shirley and I hung out together the most. She is a few years younger than my grandma, but they look so similar and there are personality traits that are so much alike. Too bad I could not go with them this year due to work.

Another thing about my grandma’s legacy I thought about… There is no higher praise in my family than “Grandma would’ve liked it” or “Grandma would’ve been proud.” Even now, as I am typing this, my eyes get misty just thinking about that.

My mom became a great cook after grandma was gone (mainly because before that, we never really needed to cook because grandma loved it). Usually we joke about her food being terrible (because supposedly no one would want to eat terrible food and you’ll get all the yummies for yourself… It’s a weird logic, but it’s our logic)… But when mom does something extremely tasty, like my favorite golubtsi (cabbage rolls), and I tell her “Grandma would be proud,” I know that for her it’s the best compliment.

Time flies.

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