We got a new study group going (yeah, seems like I’ve become really involved in group meetings…) – this time it’s on Tuesdays and it’s an English-speaking group (for those who already speak English and for those who want to learn by listening / speaking). Our new missionaries Ree and Joey started this group at their home and it is based on the videos by Dan Kimball (the guy with glued-on hair, but wise nonetheless) called “They Like Jesus But Not The Church.”

The topic we have discussed today was Christian bubble.

Christian bubble: when you only spend time with those people who are followers of Christ and don’t have any “outside” connections.

Dan divided being a Christian into four stages.

1. You become a Christian

2. You become a part of Church life (i.e. get active in some ministry)

3. You enter a Christian bubble

4. You become a Jonah Christian

Not all people go through all stages (thankfully), but it was a good food for thought that made me wonder – where am I?

I would classify myself as a recovering Christian “bubbler” – back when I was a kid, all my friends were from Church. It just so naturally happened because being an introvert meant I communicated with a smaller group of people. Only in university I got my first real non-Christian friends (even though the university was Christian, the percentage of Christians there was not more than 15%). These days, I would say I’ve got 50 / 50 percentage of friends who are believers and who are not (out of those whom I know personally face to face and who live here…)

What do you think about Christian bubbles?

Are there any good sides to them?’

Have you ever been (or are you) in a Christian bubble?

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