[eventful night]

[eventful night]

I was sitting on my couch, buried under the financial reports for the Church. My cat (who is finally home) slept in another room, Discovery Science talked about Mayan Apocalypse on TV, and otherwise the night was uneventful.

Suddenly a sound of rushing water reached my ears and I looked around startled.

My first idea was that it was shower – I had a problem a month ago that it would sometimes turn on by itself (water pressure is quite high over here). That’s a scary prospect in itself because when you are home alone, it’s late at night, and suddenly water turns on… Well, suffice to say I watched a lot of X-Files, Psi-Factor, and other good scary shows when I was a kid. My imagination runs WILD.

I ran to the bathroom.


Perhaps it’s toilet? It was malfunctioning too since recently and I already asked mom’s husband to take a look at it, but for now the water access was closed to the toilet… and it was dry there.


I rushed into the kitchen to see the first drip-drops of water seep into the rug on the floor.

Dang it… Running back into the bathroom, I shut off the water.

Got back to kitchen – the water was still pouring.


Collecting the water-soaking instruments – namely a basin and a towel – I returned to the kitchen and called mom while trying to understand what on earth happened and why the water is still pouring.

The pipes and tubes were under the sink which, in my “huge” 4.5 sq m kitchen, is in a very inconvenient place to take a look at. Mentally thanking myself for stretching in the evening, I got on my hands and knees and looked inside… and felt very much like a blonde.

What is the problem? Why is still pouring even though I shut the water off? Where did it break?

Mom was trying to be the mediator between her husband and me, telling him what I told her.

“Let me take a picture and I’ll send it to you.”


Thank God for technology. (But we still didn’t know how to fix it…)

By this time, I mopped most of the water from the floor (the floor is now so shiny and clean!) and now the only thing that remained was water that was still coming out of the “green-topped transparent thingie with something inside.” It was coming out in a steady stream so I couldn’t leave it for long, so I sat there, emptying a Tupperware container of water every two minutes or so. One of the things that was going through my head was “How will I go to Church tomorrow? The water is shut off so I can’t wash my hair and I look like a mess at the moment… and what if the water keeps dripping all night?”

Facebook status updated, “Prayers will be appreciated – I think a water pipe burst.”

Once again, I thanked God for my friends. Several commented on the status update and one got online to chat. It wasn’t easy to chat because I had to wipe my hands all the time, but at least I wasn’t about to cry now that I knew at least someone was there. Mom and her husband were on their way, but they live about 30 minutes driving from me, so I needed the support in the meantime.

On my knees in front of the underbelly of my kitchen sink, hands wet and wringing yet another towelful of water, I laughed to myself about God’s lessons He’ll show through this. There were several that I’ve realized right away.

1. I am thankful for my mom and her husband Sergey. I am glad that my relationship with him is getting better now (long story short, we didn’t speak for almost a year after a fight and… yeah. God somehow gave me the courage to make the first step and we can now be within the reach of each other and be okay with it.)

2. I am thankful for friends. Like I mentioned already, before my mom came, I really needed someone just to be there. I know God is always with me, but sometimes you need humans, you know? So FB-chatting / Skyping with a friend really helped my desperate spirit.

3. I am thankful it was just a minor thing that got ruptured and mom’s husband fixed it in about 10 minutes. There it is, little bugger:

It’s the thing that helps to make water softer as it goes into the washing machine – a salt filter. We still don’t know where the water was coming from considering all water was shut off. But oh well.

4. I am thankful I was home when it happened. God only knows what it could’ve been if I weren’t quick to shut off the water.

5. In life, sometimes there are troubles and we don’t know where they are coming from. It just drip-drops and we feel the consequences but are helpless to fix them because we simply don’t know what on earth is broken.

And often, it’s just something small we didn’t think would matter. Just a couple of weeks ago, mom’s husband was changing the water filter at my apartment and he looked at this filter too and deemed it good enough.

Good enough obviously it wasn’t.

Makes me wonder, how often I think “Oh, I can just fix it later. It’s good enough for now.”


 6. All in all, everything is back to good. Mom and her husband stayed at my place, I have my cat next to me, the pipes and nooks and crannies are all nice and dry (and clean!), and it’s already 1:24AM on Sunday morning, so I better go to sleep or else I will sleep at Church.

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