[opposites attract]

[opposites attract]

We’ve met almost 11 years ago. It feels like we’ve known each other since birth.

I was still a very-introverted person back then and meeting new people was not something I successfully did.

Sugar cubes made it possible.

I love sugar cubes. I don’t know what is it about them, but they simply taste good.

So I stood at the table, observing the other youngsters from the youth group, and then noticed that there was another girl who stood next to me and munched on sugar cubes too.

That’s how our friendship was born.

During these 11 years, we have discovered that sugar cubes are actually a rare thing that we both like.

If two people can be this different and yet be great friends – it’s us.

Granted, we’ve moved past simple friendship and into sisterhood, but still.

I am an introvert. My friend is an extrovert.

What I don’t like, she usually likes.

What she doesn’t like, I usually like.

Every time we find something that we both like, we are surprised.

Our friendship has taught me valuable lessons, however.

The most important lesson I have learned during these 11 years – opposites rule together.

While it’s hard at times to agree on things, we have learned to adjust to each other’s whimsies and preferences.

When I feel bad, Tonya usually is the cheerful one, encouraging me to go on and not give up.

When she feels upset, I am the one who cheers both of us up.

There are times when we are both happy or sad, but most of the time, we compensate for each other.

She is the voice of truth for me. Of all my friends, she’s one of the very few who know me well enough to tell me when something is wrong. I am not always glad to hear the advice, but she’s patient with me. I hope I am the one for her as well.

During these 11 years, we’ve done a bunch of stuff together – some serious, some hilarious. We’ve been though a lot together – and I am thankful for a friend like Tonya because without her I would be still living in my own little “human-sized hamster ball.” She was the one willing to reach into my “ball” and risk being hissed at (I think I’ve actually done that a few times) and help me to adjust in society.

It’s her birthday today.

Happy birthday, little sister 🙂 I love you.

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