[vacation is over.]

[vacation is over.]

I look at the moon as it stares at me through the balcony window.

It feels odd to have only the waning moon as my companion after spending two weeks around people – first in kids’ camp and then out in the middle of beautiful Ukraine’s nowhere.

It feels odd to be assaulted with all the city noise – tram that thunders beneath my windows, cars whizzing by as if driven by Formula-1 drivers… even cicadas are louder here than they were back at the camping site which I find strange.

It was less than 24 hours ago that I was in the middle of a lake in a boat, with two of the campers, watching the red moon rising. Just before that, I shared a wonderful meal with my two great friends also in a boat in the middle of the same lake.

It was less than 17 hours ago that I saw the Sun rise above the sound waves of the forest reflected in the calmness of the water. I didn’t plan on staying up all night, but the events of the evening demanded action, so morning came unexpectedly soon (and two hours of sleep is not enough.)

It was less than 12 hours ago that we got on a bus and went back to the civilization.

My observer’s mind is overloaded.

As we were having dinner on a boat last night, my friend asked me, “So… the Observer. What have you observed?”

I looked at him. I looked at my other friend. I looked at the sunset and the campsite.

What have I observed? 

Truth be told, there is too much.

God has worked in wonderful ways. The evil one tried to create disruption in the plans. The clash of good and evil as always.

I believe the good has won.

However for now, I need to call it a night because tomorrow it’s “Back to Work” day.

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