We are back – arrived this morning – tired, exhausted, but it was a good time.

Thank you to all who prayed – your prayers helped a lot.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the experience.

We taught kids, God and kids taught us.

I am glad to be home but I know I will miss the early morning worship times with the guys. I hate getting up early, but there was a definite charm in sitting in a gazebo at 6:30AM, the sea view in front of us, the wind bringing the sounds of the waves.

I am thankful that I had boys this year. They weren’t perfect and sometimes I really wanted to kill them, but it’s odd being without them now.

In a few days, we’ve got another camping trip planned. This one will be more restful and we need the rest.

I’m tired, but I praise God for the opportunity to be a part of these kids’ (and adults’) lives. I know that some sow the seeds, other get to water it, and still other gets to reap the fruits, but I am thankful to even be the one who sows or waters (although I do love reaping the harvest).

Stories will follow.

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