[in just a few hours…]

[in just a few hours…]

In just a few hours, I will embark on my annual journey.

I am going to a kids’ camp with the children from my Church.

Every year, it’s a challenge.

Every year, there are times when I go away to the sea-shore, having left my team with one of the other counselors and wonder whether I will make it through.

Every year, God miraculously provides strength to go on – to wake up at 6AM every day (which, in Kyiv, is extremely tough to do), to be responsible for a crowd of kids and teens who want my attention, to smile and to give hugs, to cheer for my team.

Every year, I am anxious whether my kids will see God as He is in me. I try my best, but sometimes even that isn’t enough.

Every year, I try to teach them something and instead feel like a student myself, learning so much along the way. Those little ones are great teachers – even if they don’t suspect it.

7 days of action.

We leave this afternoon. We return next Saturday.

Please pray for us.

For kids – for many come from families where they are neglected and don’t feel enough love. The very reason there is a camp is for them to learn they are extremely valuable. That they are loved. That there’s God who is their Daddy.

For counselors – for us to be Jesus to these kids (and to each other!). For us to have the strength to show love.

For safety – the trip there involves an 18-hour train ride and then a 1-hour bus ride. Also in the camp itself, it’s by the sea – so safety on water is extremely important.

For administrative team and camp director – for them to also have the strength to do all the work they are doing behind the scenes.

Thank you for the prayers and see you in a week!

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