I sensed someone next to the hammock in which I was lying.

I opened one eye.

My step-brother’s little brother-in-law stood under the apple tree.

I fought the urge to close my eyes and enjoy the nap further. He doesn’t really know me (he has seen me once a year ago) and I don’t really know him (same story). Besides, just a few minutes ago, I was talking with God about the fact that I am not ready for any new friendships with little kids.

“Hi.” I opened my eyes.

He looked at me shyly. “Hi.”

“Do you want to get into the hammock?”

“No, not yet. You can enjoy it for now.”

And then he launched into telling me all stories he could think of. The rides in his dad’s “Pezo” (he couldn’t pronounce Peugeot), the fact that my step-brother has his grandpa’s car, random stories from his life (“When I was young…” phrase sounds so cute from a 6-year-old)…

Then we exchanged places, I got out of the hammock and helped him into it… and we continued talking.

Several minutes later, I rejoined the adult party, but it was a good distraction from the world of serious problems.

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