[not worried]

[not worried]

I was talking with a friend of mine today and he mentioned that his wife’s mom is undergoing a surgery tomorrow. Thankfully, cancer has been ruled out, yet the tumor (even though benign) remains and it has to be taken out since it’s close to the heart.

We talked about prayer and things, and then he said something that got stuck in my mind…

“Well, I am not worried.”

I know he meant it in a way that “God will take care of her and everything will be great.”

Yet once again I bumped against the wall of “But what is the definition of great?”

I guess it’s good not to worry. That was one of Jesus’ commandments as well.

But perhaps my faith isn’t strong because I still worry about those close to me.

Because sometimes the definition of “great” in God’s eternal perspective drastically differs from our earthly perspective.

It’s not that I worry that something very wrong will happen… but rather, I worry about my own reaction to what He does.

Sometimes what we think is amazing is indeed leading to destruction. (If we want to “have it our way” and no other… He does allow us get our own way at times…)

Sometimes what we think we cannot bear and what hurts us is actually leading to new understanding, wisdom, and discovering God’s love in the midst of pain. (If we are willing and have courage to see the lessons He is teaching us.)

I guess all we can pray for is “Your will be done…” and know that His will is ultimately good.

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