[friends: twins separated in space-time]

[friends: twins separated in space-time]

I entered the classroom. It was my first time at New Testament class and the room was full.

I made my way towards the front of the room because I didn’t like sitting in the back – too much noise, too many heads to look over, and too many distractions. Also, sitting in front you could do whatever you wanted – teachers usually look for trouble in the back.

Spotting a free seat, I asked the two blond-haired girls who were sitting next to it, “Is this place free?”

They nodded. I sat down.

That was about 8 years ago.

Little did I know at that moment that one of the girls will become one of my best friends. The one with whom I’ve been travelling through Europe and the one with whom I had fun shoveling construction junk in the middle of Ukrainian nowhere. We did a lot of crazy things together and came up with a lot of book titles which we’ll write when we will be old.

“We come in pairs” was our motto at Extreme Nazarene mission in Ukraine. I remember the morning I asked her if she wants to go with me to translate with this team. I stayed over at her place and we were having breakfast in her little kitchen when I suddenly got an idea.

“Would you like to go translate? It’s not going to be a very comfortable trip – we’ll probably live in tents, there should be shower on the territory, but I am not sure… Outhouses and stuff. And construction, of course.”

“Yeah, why not?”

I don’t know about other people – there were those who complained that the housing was terrible (yeah, us girls slept in a storage building and the birds who lived under the roof left a few marks on my sleeping bag), the showers were not good (the showers – men’s and women’s – were divided by black plastic material that reminded of trash bags only bigger and a bit stronger…), there were “turbulent toilets” (the outhouses were made there and they were wrapped in the same black plastic as the showers… and the wind did make its way up the plastic…), and there was construction – demolition of old buildings, renovating some, rebuilding others… But whatever complaints others had – my friend Anya and I had a total blast. A couple of weeks ago we were going to her apartment after a study group and reminisced about all the fun stories from that trip.

She is the one with whom I feel as comfortable as with myself – because we are so alike. We often joke that we are like twin sisters who were separated in space and time (she is 113 days younger than me and we were born in different cities of Ukraine – as well as to different sets of parents.)

Today (May 24) is her birthday 🙂 Happy birthday, my dear friend! 🙂

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