[memories of the days…]

[memories of the days…]

Huddled in a corner of one of the classrooms, left alone for 20 minutes, we lean very close to the table in the middle. There’s no concept of personal space yet – we just started elementary school. It’s hard to see what goes on beyond the heads in front of me.

The ritual, learned from an older brother or sister (internet was still years from being widespread in Ukraine), is whispered in hushed tone. There’s no one who can overhear – but you can’t be too cautious, can you?

I am an observer, as always, but my friends are the ones who are performing the “ritual” of calling in the Queen of Spades.

“Take mirror. Shine some light on the bottom. Does anyone have something to eat? We need to put some food here. And draw stairs on the mirror – she will climb down the stairs…”

Someone screams.

Being young as we are, the idea of “One cries, everyone should cry too” is still fresh in our hearts. Therefore, everyone screams in horror and we try to put as much distance between that table and ourselves.

The teacher comes.

We are back to studying yet our minds are still processing the events and the experience.

18 years later. 

I remember that time so clearly, even after all these years. Mainly I remember that I was so happy that I go to Church and that I can pray and God will be with me no matter what goes on around me. I carried my Bible around with me all the time, I prayed often, and although I knew that really there was no Queen of Spades and even if there were such an entity, the first-graders could not really call her in, I also knew that there’s an unseen battle that is going on between Good and Evil, between God and Satan, between the good angels and dark angels.

The reason I thought about it was something my friend Duane Scott shared the other day.

“You need your Bible,” they tell me. “In case evil comes to your house. You need your Bible.”

and the demons… they danced, Scribing the Journey

I am glad in a way that I have experienced that. I have learned quite a lot during that short period of time. I would love to say that I kept carrying my Bible with me everywhere ever since, but I can’t because I didn’t. Now that I’ve got a YouVersion on my cell phone, I do have it handy.

Nevertheless, it was then I learned that God is with me no matter what happens. And He is the only one who can provide true peace.

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