There are two more episodes of House to be aired.

One is called “Holding On.”

The last one is called “Everybody dies” – reminiscent of House’s famous quote “Everybody lies.”

So here’s to hoping against hope. 

Here’s to hoping that there are times when cancer can be won over and we can be winners.

Here’s to hoping that although many times we can hear the sad stories, there are times when the stories are that of healing.


I wrote that word and was reminded of my own position on healing.

…that sometimes healing can mean temporary healing – and we remain living this life.

…and that sometimes healing can mean eternal healing and we are not going to hurt ever again.

Both are cases of healing – even though they are viewed differently by the observers.

But it’s true… everybody dies. Who knows when our time will come?

Here’s to living life to the fullest while we can.

(Heh, if I knew this post would end up with this phrase, I could’ve joined Adrian’s guest blogging thing… Oh well…)

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