[duh moments: daily bread]

[duh moments: daily bread]

At the Friday Study group last night, I had another “duh” moment.

A “duh” moment for me is when I suddenly realize something – and once you’ve realized that, it seems so obvious as in “How did I not see it before?”

Standing (there were 6 of us and only one bench) in the middle of a picturesque park on a beautiful May evening, we were discussing the Lord’s Prayer. It was a rather quick assessment of one of the most important parts of the New Testament, but we wanted to discuss the essentials so that later we would know what it was all about (there are people who are not believers [yet] in that study group, so there are times when we discuss the very basics, too).

As Fedya read the part “Give us this daily bread,” a light bulb lit up in my mind.

Sidenote: perhaps I am the only one who never thought of this before and maybe you’ve known about this for a long time… but for me, I just realized that last night.

Daily bread. 

It wasn’t just the simple idea of trusting God to provide. For Israelites – the nation that remembered the past – it was a reminder when God provided daily bread every single day when they were in the desert, having left the Egyptian slavery. They remembered that experience every year at Passover – they knew what it really meant, they knew it was real, they knew that God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac is the God who provides, the YHWH-Jireh.

What “duh” moments did you have lately?

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