[a place of the old days]

[a place of the old days]

Yesterday my friends and I went to my “dacha” – that’s Russian for summer house.

I haven’t been there in a couple of years due to work and the fact that it’s very easy to get there by car, but if one takes train, the journey itself takes about 2.5 hours (instead of an hour by car). And even those few visits since grandma was gone did not prepare me for the changes.

I walked the roads I used to roam on my bicycle. Back then the roads seemed so wide and long… now they seemed very narrow and the distances much shorter.

The trees have grown up to be big… and yet so small!

The house and the “sarai” (a little hut separate from the main house where we had a kitchen) look old and tiny as well.

And only the fern that my grandma and I planted just before she got sick grow in the small garden along with the weeds.

For my friends, it was just a place to visit. For me, it held so many memories that I nearly drowned in them.

Countless swims in the lake, hours spent on my bike riding through and exploring the nearby villages, planting veggies and flowers,  harvesting fruits, having tea playing lotto while listening to the rain drip-drip-dripping on the roof. Hosting so many friends who came over.

I miss those days. But I am thankful for the new memories that I was able to glean last night and save them in my heart and mind.

  • Mary

    A lovely story. Nice photos too.

    • Thanks, Mary 🙂 More photos are on FB 🙂

      • Mary

        Yes, I saw them. Beautiful.

  • Going back to my old junior high once i was struck with how small the halls seemed.  Going back to my old stomping grounds makes me wonder how I thought this was the place to be.  My mother died in 2004 and I have not been back since.  Nothing to draw me anymore.  I wonder how much it has changed, or none at all.  Enjoy the stroll down memory lane, but do what you did: make new ones.  Love ya sis. 

    • I can only imagine – I haven’t been to either of my schools yet… But I sometimes go past my first school on my way to work. It seems tiny (it’s not big to begin with…)
      Memories are a fun thing… Old memories are supposed to be good, yet we have to make new ones or else we simply live in the past (something that I am very guilty of)…

  • Beautiful picture!

    It sounds like an amazing place to retreat to. I’m sure you consider yourself blessed to have a home away from home. =)

    • It’s a blessing and an inconvenience at times. I don’t have a car, so going there is not something I can do whenever I please. So sometimes I think about selling it… but then I can’t – because there are so many memories tied up with that place. *Ugh*…

  •  Sounds like a wonderful place to remember old times and to make fresh memories!

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