[give or take]

[give or take]

I’ve heard it said a lot of times: “Following Christ is a bunch of no-no’s and rules. It seems like your God wants you to give up everything to him. I don’t want to follow a God who keeps taking my stuff.”

It often may seem like it.

“He gives to take.”

That’s the way many view Christianity. Even though they admit that God gives everything, the focus is on the fact that He takes away.

But is that all there’s to it?

I thought of a little kid who brings a broken toy to his parents… “It’s broken, can you fix it?”

Mom won’t be able to repair a doll if the child will still be holding it tightly. The little one needs to let go of the toy… to receive it back restored.

So maybe the phrase should be transformed a bit.

“He takes to give.”

God takes our lives to repair them and make them new. He takes away stuff that clutters our life in order to give us things that we really need.

My friend Duane Scott once wrote:

With crushing reality, the world sways and I realize how foolish I am to believe that a God who holds the stars and the moon couldn’t hold my dreams and I am tempted to fall against the cold earth floor and offer to Him everything.

Duane Scott, For When We Live With Clenched Fist

Yes, sometimes God gives us something to enjoy for a time being and then takes it… but only to free space in us for something better.

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