[the s word]

[the s word]

I have been reading more of Christian Zombie Killers – I find this book fascinating. The way Jeff Kinley talks about sinful nature of the man is simple yet straight to the point. There were many times when I literally nodded my head in agreement thinking “Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve felt.”

In one of the chapters, he talks about the sin (hence the “s word”).

“Sin is both active rebellion and passive indifference.”

It is so easy to assume that if we don’t do something bad that makes us good.

That makes us neutral.

A simple math principle at work here. Simply refraining from subtraction won’t help your case if you start with a clean slate. To be good (or positive), you need to add something. Just like in another quote I mentioned from the Realms Thereunder.

…Passive indifference. 

Makes me wonder how many times have I been simply passive… when I should’ve acted.

One of my mom’s favorite quotes is “When we need to pray, we act. When we need to act, we pray.”

Sometimes prayer is useless – when God has already answered our previous prayers about this problem and told us to get off our behinds and start doing what He told us.

And yet we continue to pray – because prayer is always the right thing to do, right?

And we miss the mark.

That’s what the word “sin” means – missing the mark, the God’s bulls-eye.

  • I like his definition. There are some who think they don’t or aren’t sinning unless they actively do something against the will or Word of God.  You are right…no neutral.  Good thoughts today sis. 

    • It’s a good book – with good imagery too (even though I am not that much into zombie stuff). I cannot wait for him to get to grace.

      Thanks for stopping by, big bro. 

  • Mary

    Yes, in the New Testament the Greek word translated as “sin” derives from the idea of aiming an arrow at a mark and missing it (hamartia). There are other meanings as well, for example the “tragic flaw” in the protagonist in Greek tragedy.

    Maurice Nicoll, a writer and teacher, who has explored the teachings of the New Testament in a deeper way than I have seen from any other writer, wrote a book called “The Mark” in 1953. This and his other books seem to out of copyright as I have seen the texts freely available on the Internet. I have been reading his books for years and still learn something every time I read them. A man of genius, in my opinion.

    • Thanks for recommendation – I will try to check out his books (once I get done with the ones I am currently reading – I am trying to withstand the temptation to start something new before I finish other books). 

  • Bentonmary

    Some short reviews of the book on Amazon which I agree with. Reviews are simple and to the point. The book would not be for everybody, but for those who are seeking further understanding it is a gold mine.


    I hope this link works.

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