[the trees of eden]

[the trees of eden]

I don’t know about you, but my ever-inquisitive mind always seems to question life and the world and everything else.

The story of the Fall intrigued me and perhaps along with most people I thought that God’s decision to not let Adam and Eve eat from the second tree – the Tree of Life – was one more punishment for disobeying God.

The other day, I’ve got a new book from BookSneeze (I love that program). I am oddly attracted to books with weird titles and most of the time, my intuition does not let me down (one of the examples of this was getting to review God Who Smokes – which became my favorite theology books… but right now, there’s another book).

The title of the book?

Christian Zombie Killers.

According to my Stanza reader app, I’m at 19.52% of the book – once I’ll be done, I’ll write a full review.

Right away, few things. Firstly, I am not into zombies – there seems to be a trend with people talking about them all the time, but I am not one of them (yet, anyway). Secondly, this book is not fiction (that was another thing that made me want to read it). BookSneeze defined it as Business & Culture. (Seriously – if you don’t believe me, check it out yourself).

Thirdly, this book rocks my socks off.

There’s a quote that stuck out regarding the Eden.

The man and the woman were banished from the garden where they once lived and loved. Yet even this punishment was a gracious provision from the God who still loved them. By keeping them out of the garden, He prevented them from eating from the Tree of Life, which would’ve locked them into a perpetual condemned state. But though God had cast them out of paradise, He had not personally rejected them forever.

Christian Zombie Killers, Chapter 1: I Am Legend


I never thought of the fact that if Adam and Eve ate the fruit of Life, they would be forever condemned. And that is why there’s a Tree of Life waiting for us when we finally get to Him after this life – we would be clean by that time and safe to eat of the fruit.

Our God is the ultimate strategy guy who not only thinks ahead, but also knows what that “ahead” holds.

What do you think of that Tree of Life thing? Do you agree that it was a showing of mercy? Or perhaps God didn’t want to “share food” (just like Joey from Friends)?

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