I mentioned last week that a good friend of mine was a speaker at a mini-conference last Thursday. The theme of the conference was “How to Reach Goals without Hurting People” – and the main idea was to create sort of battle between the representatives of business and people involved in ministries at Church.

The battle plan did not work because everyone actually agreed on almost everything. There were debates and a great Q&A session, but everyone added something to the idea of working together, not opposing each other.

My friend was one of the business representatives and this was a part of his presentation, one that stuck out the most to me. He spoke in Russian, so I translated, but otherwise the copyright is his (the full version is at his blog – but in Russian):

When we discussed the issue with Oleg (the director of the organization that does camps, leadership training, and conferences – comment by Zee), he said that possible counter argument that can be used in debates is that in business everything works good because money motivate people and they know well how and why they should work.

Dear friends, I warn you, if anyone wanted to use that argument today – don’t.

I am deeply upset that some may think that.

If someone’s Christianity is that dead and diminished that one thinks that MONEY are a better motivation than SERVING GOD… If worshiping Jesus is a task that cannot include going to bed at 2:00AM and waking up at 6:00AM… If sharing the Good News is not a good-enough motivation to dedicate one’s weekend to it, to devote one’s time to show the glory of the living God to other people… then I have bad news for you.

You are DEFINITELY not ready to serve. You can be a very nice person, super-professional, but you are not a servant.

If I were an unbeliever and found out that the Church where my friend is actively inviting me to cannot organize some event due to the fact that some people there don’t want to / can’t / too expensive / requires too much time / etc., I would’ve never believed such “Christianity.” No one needs a religion that only consists of singing songs on Sunday morning.

I sat there and wondered… I did think that business would have it differently. However, as the director of Radooga summed it up:

“These days, the business wants to be more like a Church while the Church would like to be more like a business.”

But seriously… when you put money vs serving people / God on the scales – it would appear as if money weight more.

It’s sad.

Yet there’s hope for us.

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