[Book Review: HE CHOSE THE NAILS by Max Lucado]

Considering that Easter is right around the corner and this week is the Passion week for Catholics as well as a lot of Protestants, Max Lucado’s He Chose the Nails is quite appropriate.

In this book, Max invites us to stop and ponder about the meaning of things that we usually forget to notice: the soldier’s spit, Jesus’ clothes that were divided among the men who crucified Him, the sign above Jesus’ head, the other two crosses. All these demonstrate God’s love.

I did this for you.

That’s one thing that will never cease to amaze me. He did all of this for me. Jesus went on this tough and scary journey for me. For you.

Like the other Lucado books, this one is written simply, but so powerfully that there are times when you simply stop reading and marvel… and it feels as if you are getting a second wind and everything in you blossoms, past hurts forgotten because you can’t stop smiling – He loves you!

This book is especially meaningful to me because the cross on the cover was made by my pastor and left at Max Lucado’s office. The nails were taken from the attic at my Church when we were rebuilding it.

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6 thoughts on “[Book Review: HE CHOSE THE NAILS by Max Lucado]

    • Yeah – the only thing is Max wrote that the nails are from an old abandoned Orthodox Church in Russia… *sigh*… And our Church used to be a normal apartment 2-storey (now three) building – not Orthodox – and not in Russia. But oh well. 

      I read a lot… Besides these two, I’m reading two on physics (“Massive” by Ian Sample about Higgs’ Boson and “How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog” by Chad Orzel about…well, quantum physics), Bryson’s “Short History of Nearly Everything”, and whatever else I feel like reading whenever I see books… I am an addict.

  1. Let G. says:

    Thank you Zee for this inspiring post, I ‘am a child of God and I believe that God did it for me and for all of His creation. He chose the nails so that we will be saved.

    I agree with you, Max Lucado’s writing skills is easy to understand and one cannot find this book hard to grasp. This book was recommended in the site http://booksforevangelism.org/. The book is an excellent way to introduce the Gospel to our non-believing family members, friends and acquaintances. Maybe you can check out that site too! Great collection of books are listed there which I really found great!

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