[borrowed perspective]

[borrowed perspective]

Sometimes we need to “borrow” someone else’s life experiences to be able to see our blessings we didn’t see before.

I have spent a weekend with my friends and my mom at a youth / adults retreat our Church organized away from the busyness of Kyiv. Granted, we were even closer to Chernobyl (half-way there from Kyiv), but it’s a safe zone and it’s a very picturesque place.

We got back today and I invited a couple of friends to come to my place (I am not sure if we can get tired of each other’s company). After we hungrily attacked sushi (at the retreat the food was mostly fast-food like so we craved something more healthy) and watched Ocean’s 11, trying not to fall asleep on the couch during the movie since all of us were tired.

One of my friends had to go pick his wife up from work later in the evening and because he had to drive, he curled up on one side of the couch for a short nap during the second movie – Good Will Hunting. I brought two blankets – one for him and the other for Tonya and I.

He rolled over with a content smile on his face, “It feels so good to be taken care of.”

We looked at him, “You’ve got a wife who loves you and you love her. Don’t tell us you haven’t been taken care of.”

“Well, yeah, but she’s my wife. It’s another thing to have friends who care. And it’s good to have a place besides home where I can feel myself at home – like take a nap and not be in someone’s way…”

After my friends left, I went to wash the dishes and thought… I have never been really friendless.

I cannot say I was the soul of the party, but I always had people who were on my side and with whom I felt at ease. Not being a leader, I somehow often ended up as a leader with people listening (there were a lot of awkward moments when I had no idea what those people wanted me to say… but seems like they just wanted direction and then they did the rest.)

“There was a summer a few years ago I spent playing computer games because I had no friends except one – and my wife,” a friend of mine shared.

I listened and wondered – how many people are out there who don’t have friends at all?

It seems almost contrary to understanding – how can someone be without friends? And yet, unfortunately there are a lot of people like that.

That makes me even more thankful for my friends – who are with me during my moody times and during the good times; who stick by me when I am a nice girl and when I am not; friends who don’t mind me being a nerd and who actually motivate me to study even more; friends whom I’ve met face-to-face and friends whom I know from the online world; friends who are crazy, fun, loving, contemplative, different, caring, smart, wise, and simply awesome.


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